Wednesday, March 8


I am feeling a mixture of things at the moment - I am enjoying uni and social things, mostly the work is good - although taking an hour lecture to learn about hte library catalogue seemed excessive! I had a lovely dinner at my cousins place in Taroona tonight - along with my mum, my aunt Hilary, and Jac and Jo. The only sad bit is that Jac is going to Texas in a week for 2 years - I inherit Toshi her PC however, it can't be as good as a real JacJac to talk to! And after discussing (no.. being lectured about) the definitions of 'health' I think I feel unhealthy - my throat is sore, I'm tired and feel like I have a lot to do! This is not a feeling of general well being according to the 'biopsychosocial' model of health!!! Ah well.. I'll ignore it and it will go away!

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