Thursday, September 22


Hooray, hooray, if all goes well I shouldn't have to be making more daily visits to the Rushden (if your a local that is said Rshden) job centre! I will have to go and sign off (i think i only signed on today) for jobseekers allowance althoughi filled in so many forms and i'm still not quite sureif I'm valid or not! But I start work in a doctors surgery on monday - not as many hours as i planned on, but better pay than lots of the jobs I looked at and with a possiblity of more hours, and some flexiblity. So hopefully.. soon the pounds will be coming in! Yay. And they didn't ask how long i'll be around for so I didn't have to make anything up!

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Megs said...

Heya Kate! That's great you got a job :)

Just a quick Hi! Will have to send you a proper e-mail sometime, but life is so busy hey? Wether here or elsewhere ;)

Much love!