Sunday, July 12

Hottest 100 of all time party

Its a rainy Sunday and there's a bunch of us at my house listening to the final 50 of the countdown. One reason for this post is because I have a new toy and I'm trying out blogging from it- its a new HTC magic phone with Google android operating system. It links in really well with gmail, gtalk and all other Google bases things. Its arival to iphone and so far I like it!
The party is low key but fun. We had to turn up the music go hear over the hail, and the brief sunny spell is gone!
Better go be social, plus the orange glow at the bbq suggests our lunch is on fire!


Big A said...

Hey Kate, the weather in Launnie looks a lot like it was at Boat Harbour! I'm envious of your new gadget.

Jac said...

Katie kate is back!

Looks deliciously wet, we could do with some of that.

CupKate said...

Sadly I missed the photo of the orange flow of the bbq = our meat on fire! I think I got one of lots of smoke...

And I'm sort of back - haven't had much to blog about lately except exams and things. Mostly I worked out I didn't do enough work, and had the usual end of semester stress... so I'm trying to do more work! Sometimes it works.