Sunday, February 1

A new home!

Its back to normality for me, and after another gap, time for a blog. I have enjoyed my uni holidays - as usual packing lots of different things in! I even ran a (somewhat last minute) camp - Summer Fun, part of Anglican Camping's summer program. It was a year 3-6 camp at Montgomery Park/Mission Afloat, with a great bunch of kids and leaders that made the whole thing a lot of fun. Other than that, I had Christmas adventures in Launceston and Bicheno, I was a bridesmaid for Ruth and Jack who are now the Charltons, had an engagement party for Tim and I and lots more!!

Now I'm back into it. I had orientation day yesterday at my new campus! I'm spending fourth year, (plus or minus next year) at the Launceston Clinical School, which is embedded in the Launceston General Hospital. We are combined with fifth years due to course changes - and some have suggested we all get called 'slashies' - to represent years 4/5. It remains to be seen whether that name sticks!

I have taken up residence in Launceston with 3 fellow med boys - Richo, Nathan and Nick. It seems like a good little place, and its really close to the hospital - about 600m or so according to! I've got a really great group of med friends up here, and i know enough other people that I should have a heap of fun visiting family and friends as well as what I gather will be a very busy uni load! For me, this is a return to Launceston, as I was born here and lived here till I was four-ish and have been here intermittently in the years since. I'm looking forward to getting to know it, and various people up here a bit better.

I've pretty well moved in - all I'm lacking is anything to cook, but I have coffee, muesli and paddlepops so I'm set for now. Moving in was made worse by the fact that it was another scorcher of a day in Launceston - 39 degrees or something toasty. This evening has been a relief- it actually cooled down nicely. I've already introduced one flat mate and his girlfriend to the boardgame pandemic, and fitted in another game with Jack and Ruth! This should be fun!
The front of the new house!

The hallway. The boxes have spread from my room - at the end on the left.

My room. And Tim. I think he still believes the old 'I can't see you so you can't see me'.

Makeshift bookcase. And same desk and window.

Most of my stuff fits in the cupboard...

.. if you squish it! It'll be better when I get more coat hangers.

The outside area... we do have to mow the lawn, but its quite nice. Should fit a tent too...


Big A said...

Good to hear from you, and to see the new place. Clearly >much< closer to the Equator!

I hope the new semester goes well.

Josie said...

Wow Kate, what a lovely place! I wish we could come over for a visit and a cup of tea on your back deck. It's great that you are posting again! I hope this year goes really well for you and that Tim's legs (and the rest of him) are often up there visiting you! Good luck with uni this year, we love you,
Jo, Jac and Tuesday

Jac said...

Katie-Kate is back! The house looks gorgeous although I really need to see the kitchen please ;)

I hope you have so much fun with this next stage of life (and lots of visitors!)

CupKate said...

I think that stealing the pictures from facebook may be blamed for the clipping of them all - and Tim's legs! I have added a smaller scale kitchen picture. I may add the rest of the pictures in a size that fits as well if it works!