Thursday, December 11

Tarkine - a special part of Tassie!

The Tarkine is an area of temperate forest in far north-west Tasmania. It is that largest area of wilderness of its kind left in Australia.

There have been discussions about roads being built through this unique piece of Tasmanian beauty, and I don't know the full story. However, some good friends and family of mine have been on several trips into the Tarkine area, and are quite sure that a road through it would spoil its unnecessarily. They have apparently turned my house into a campaign headquarters with a busy hive of activity taking place to get an action plan into place! There has been an article in the Mercury today, letters to the editor, maps made (thanks Tim), and a commercial produced for TV and YouTube. Many people have donated (and will no doubt continue to) time, energy, skills and money to get this campaign into action in a very short time!

I wish I was there to throw in my weight, but in the mean time, I'm sending hard working vibes to everyone at home! Lets do something smart - save the Tarkine!

When I get home and see Mum's no doubt spectacular and very recent photos of the Tarkine I'll try to add some.

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