Tuesday, July 1

"KnifieKnives" which is Hamish speak for - "Knives"

Exams are done, and as promised some pictures of the famous knives. Not that anyone asked for them, but since there's all the hype, I'll show them off.

Also did I mention I finished exams? Now I'm halfway through my degree... only 2.5 more years. No worries! And it was my Mum and Hamish's 1st wedding anniversary yesterday so that was nice for them - and our kitchen table looks somewhat florist-ish. The 'mafia' in England sent some, as did Mum's work partners. The other bunch were mine from Tim for exam good luck!

I tried to post this before my trip to Melbourne, but it didn't work for some reason that by 2am I cared little about. So I'll try again, and hopefully more about Melbourne to come later.

Mum and Hamish's nice knife!

My 'multicultural' knife, also made by John the Knifemaker

My knife, made by Linden for my 21st.

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