Monday, June 16

Knifemaker, Beekeeper & Baker

This is directed by my very clever uncle, Roger Scholes!

An inspired knifemaker, beekeeper and baker pass on their passions to their young apprentices
In the valley beneath Sleeping Beauty mountain, the people of the community have rediscovered the benefits of a small town economy. Families trade with one another, swapping foods they grow and things they make. Their lives are rich and varied. They value what they know and want to pass their passions on. The Passionate Apprentices, a three part documentary series, portrays ways of life that are about stepping more lightly on the planet.
I have extra fondness for the story as my cousin Linden is one of the apprentice knifemakers, as is his and his brother Jon's friend, Merlin. John the Knifemaker is another great guy with a lot of talent for knifes, as well as smoked salmon and other tasty treats. My family has a little collection of his knives - Mum and Hamish one with a sweet smelling Huon Pine handle and I have the squared "multicultural knife". My favourite though is the one that Linden made me in his own back yard forge, by himself, for me, for my 21st!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I'm living in Cairns, Queensland, and I'd love to have a knife made for me. John seems to do some work for commission, as he mentioned in the SBS episode, so do you think I'd have any success getting a chef's knife? If you could let me know if there's anyway of getting in touch with him just reply to this post and I'll give you my email address.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I've just stumbled across your blog googling about the show. It was brilliant! This type of stuff excites me to no end. What's the name of the area these wonderful folk are living and working in?

Good work to you uncle and all involved!

CupKate said...

I'll ask through my uncle/parents how he'd do commission - he's done them for all sorts of people! I'll take a couple of pics of mine to show off as well sometime (once exams are done with). Most of these people live/work in Southern Tasmania - from past Huonville/Ranelagh, to closer to Hobart. There are links with the Tarremah Steiner school - Linden's teacher Damon helps with the honey making in the next episode.
I'm glad that people have enjoyed the show - whilst for me it feels a bit like family home videos because I know and like so many of the people involved, I think they are great stories waiting to be told!

CupKate said...

Hi again - I contacted relevant family who gave me an address for John. If you give me your email adress, I'll send it to you and then you can write to him and include a phone number. That was their best suggestion!

Toby Primrose said...

I would love to get his address for the purpose of asking him to make me a Chefs knife. My name is Toby Primrose and my email is I can also be contacted on 0415333380. Please forward me his address, I loved his work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I saw the show too and was blown away. Your uncle did a great job. I guess John might get a lot of these requests now - I'd love to ask him for a knife as well. Am wondering what I could barter through the mail? My email's and if it's not too much trouble could you pass on an address I could write to? Thanks heaps, Abby. - Good luck with exams.

Matt said...

Hey Kate.
Its good to find someone who knows John. I didnt get to watch the program but was told about it the next day at work (butcher).

Later this year im traveling around Tasmania and would love to get in contact with john as i have always loved smithing but get to do it very little myself.

i can be contacted at
thanks Kate

Dan from WA said...

Dear Kate,
My name is Daniel and I live in Perth, Western Australia. The SBS televised show 'The Passionate Apprentices' left me energised and inspired. If you could please pass on to me John the knfemakers contact details this would be very much appreciate because I would like to have a knife made by John and organise, what he would require for his efforts and the delivery method he prefers. My email address is

Anonymous said...

Iam Ryan, from the Atherton Tablelands. We are touring tasmania in 2011 and it would be such a pleasure to meet john. I am 15 and forge my own custom knives from solo and damascus steels. I can be contacted at As a said, discussing knives with jhon would be such a pleassure and an honor.

Anonymous said...

Iam Ryan. Iam from the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland. Iam 15 and forge knives from damascus and solo steels. Iam still learning every time i fire up the forge and to meet a person like jhon, with his level of experience, would be such an honor. We are touring tasmania at the end of 2011.
I can be contacted at Thanks