Wednesday, May 28

Going to Launceston

This post could in fact have a double meaning. As it happens, I am going to Launceston for the weekend. But, bigger news than that, is that I'm going to be at the Launceston Clinical School next year for my fourth year of med. It was what I put as my preference, but we still weren't sure who'd get what. As it happens, Lonny must have been put #1 by fewer people than fit, because some extras are going - it was one guy's 3rd preference (out of 3). There's a bunch of quite a few of my friends that will be going to Launceston - me, Jack, Ruth, Chloe, Nick, Richo, other Nick, Nathan and so on - it looks like a good group. I think there'll be 5 girls and the rest boys from my year - plus a bunch of what will then be 5th years! Fun Fun. So it'll be exciting and daunting and cold to move up there - but I'm sure there'll be many trips up and down, and its only for a year (or two maybe). Certainly it'll be a new era of finding somewhere to live, and people to live with... but I wil definitely miss lots of things about Hobart and home and family and friends at this end of the state.

This weekend (which will also be spent in Launceston) it is a family friend's suprise birthday party (can't tell say who because it's a surprise!). Also Tim and I will catch up with his family, see a bit of my family... we even have a booking to go out for what should be a very nice dinner. More about that later.

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