Friday, May 23


During the last couple of weeks, there have been several celebrations. Earlier in the month, we had a family mother's day party combined with an early round 1 of celebrations for my cousin Jonathan's 17th birthday. His birthday isn't until July, but Hamish couldn't restrain himself from opening Jon's present for any more days and we all like spread out parties!

We all gathered some time around 10am, for a scrumptious brunch of many delicacies: poached eggs, bacon, home made hollondiase sauce, ''French crumpets"(ie crumpets cooked a la French toast), nice bread and freshly made white chocolate and raspberry muffins (my contribution).

Our Mothers seemed to enjoy themselves - there were presents for both of them, from their children, and from each other! I got my dear Mum a nice glass jug! Katherine got some nougat and a flowering plant cunningly purchased by me on the way there, on Linden's behalf. She also got another different flowering plant from my Mum, for being a good Mum, while, Katherine gave Mum (and herself) a microwavable gel heat back in a fluffy cover.

After the Mum's were duly celebrated, it was Jon's turn. First, some background: Katherine knew what Jonny was getting from us, but didn't want to give it away, so a week or so before had said something like 'I told Hamish not to get you a pony, but you know what he's like'. Since then, I'd sent him a message saying we'd been looking after his present well, and it would be good to get it out of the garage, and comments along those lines. I didn't want to fail to deliver after all the pony hype so a stop by the reliable Chickenfeed and viola:

After a hilarious few minutes where Jonny combed the pony's silky blue mane only to discover that a) the tail was designed for teenage boys to play with, b) the comb wasn't designed for teenage boys to play with and c) the neck wasn't designed with teenage boys to play with!! Having well and truly injured the poor pony we moved onto the real present: Arkham Horror!

After they unwrapped the game and admired the pieces, it was only natural to play it. After 5 or so hours, (while I observed while writing up an assigment on my lappy) they lost the game to the monster of the board. At this point Mum and I left Hamish behind to stay for dinner and play another game!!! By all accounts, it is an awesome game. (And can even be played with 1 player!)

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