Sunday, April 22


Not sure who I promised to, or what exactly I promised, but I have at a number of times said I'd put up more photos. Here are some of them...

We have here me dressed as a 'portrait' for a 'P' party, (Ruth was a prisoner and Jack was a protestor with an anti P-Party placard); There were some other good ones - pirates, 'personal space-invader' (Jeremy!), Parachuters, Parcel, Present, and of course some Prince and Princess.

Next there's the new baby Angus who I claim as my nephew (via adopted brother Hugh and his wife Jess). He's very cute - and has surprisingly big hands! It will be fun to watch him get bigger.

And here is Ruth and I before Med cocktail party. The theme was Horror and Halloween theme. I'm Death... with a scythe that has proven amusing for creeping up on people in my house. Ruth is a goth - and proud of her op-shop buys.

The last photo is evidence (in case anyone was worried) that I don't spend all my time studying... maybe I should but still. This is 'Game of Thrones' which I played for the first time in the Easter break - 5&1/2 hours later we were in the 6th turn out of 10. I think we made it to the 8th before requiring a break - and we haven't gone back to it yet! Maybe we will... but it took some getting to grips with and was quite intense! And I was tired and didn't like getting attacked.

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