Monday, April 30

Rural Week 07

Well its back again - the time of the year when everyone does their utmost to plug 'rural-ness' to us little med students. This year they are taking us up north to Turners Beach (Camp Clayton) where we'll visit the rural clinical school a few times, then to Launceston to see the clinical school there and then home via Agfest! The good thing is that all we have to pay for is our lunch at Agfest! It could be interesting - I'm hoping for the best. It will be good to not have masses of new content to learn but then there is a case for the week so maybe we will actually learn stuff! Anyway - it might be the lull before the storm because when we come back it will probably be time to get into exam studying all over again. That's if it is a lull at all!

It doesn't seem like that long since last time I locked myself away to study. Ok thats a lie - Jack and Ruth and I were shut in together... had to remind ourselves to leave the house occasionally, and that we did each have our own homes! But thats ok - mostly we were at mine or Jack's and they are both good (so long as you have blankets at Jack's).

Well, having never been to Agfest... it could be quite an experience! My friend Tom says he's looking forward to seeing the irrigators. But then he's in the business! I'll keep you posted about my highlights - which may or may not include riding tractors.

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