Tuesday, September 1


There are small signs of spring, springing up... its definitely lighter at both ends of the day, and warmer most days too compared to not long ago (well actually last night was pretty cold but it wasn't yet spring!) My little potted herb garden is flourishing for the main part - just a couple of the baby corianders are struggling because I left them in a tiny punnet and forgot them a bit!

A corner of my desk with flowers from the garden (the clean corner of my desk!)

The pot of mixed flower seeds I planted a while ago now has flowers! And some herbs in the background.

Slightly overgrown, but now flowering!


Jac said...

The plants look lovely, good job! We just planted a new herb garden - the summer one was finally over but fall here is so lovely and things seem to grow well, kinda like a mini spring.

Bring on some cooler air tho!

Big A said...

Must be warmer up there in the North!

(Not really, sure signs of Spring down here too)

We'll miss the warmer end of spring, but hopefully it will be in full swing for the wedding!

Holy said...

Nicely said. I must tell you to read “The Success of Open Source” by Steven Weber an interesting read.

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