Wednesday, June 3

2 Years

Tonight Tim and I are going to dinner at the Gorge Restaurant in Launceston to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! I'll hopefully report on the meal later but it should be good - it has a good reputation and is in a great setting.

This day 2 years ago, we didn't actually decide 'go out' or anything specific, but after a few more days we discussed that we must in fact be 'together' and Tim beng the sentimental fellow he is made sure we had some date to remember things by and the 3rd of June seemed as good a day as any! That day we'd been to the IMPACT Indian Night - and in fact, we both went again only a week and a half ago to the most recent one! Since then we have celebrated monthaversaries (?!) our first anniversary and Tim even knew the date of our first date and bought flowers to mark the day! In just less than 6 months we'll have another date to remember in the years to come - the 21st of November when we get married!

And now to make up for not blogging often, by posting lots of old pictures - starting from 2 years ago exactly, and working forwards though maybe not in order!!

Indian Night - the start of me bringing Tim to all sorts of global health events!

My 21st

Med Cocktail - one of the various dress up events we've been to!
Some friends of ours had a 'formal night' - a fun chance to dress up!

Falls Festival 2008
Cutting the cake at the engagement party.

And of course there are many many more events we've shared together - and in most cases with other close friends and family which we both enjoy. Long may it last!


Josie said...

Congratulations from Texas to you both!
May there be many more years to come and may we spend some of them living much closer to you! Then we can celebrate with you in person!
Jo, Jac and Tango

Jac said...

Lovely photos, congrats you too!