Tuesday, May 19

Africa: Social side of things!

The conference wasn't all serious hard work! There was quite a fun social program - although it was hard to keep up with. Each evening after dinner there were plenary sessions where the presidents of each member country voted on various things - and the social events didn't start till after that. If there was a big issue, things might not get going till around 12, and certainly didn't stop till around 4. I think I probably averaged around 2am - skipping one event, and staying later to the last few! I was actually surprised by how I managed to get up each morning for 8:30 sessions - sleep deprivation and uni don't seem to work nearly as well.

One night was the International Food and Drink night - everyone was prewarned by folks who'd been before so each country brought along something of their own. Most countries did focus on the drinking a bit more than the eating! (Czech Republic had dangerous looking stuff in a plastic bottle!) As Aussies, we had Tim Tams, vegemite on crackers, fairy bread, furry friends and Bundy. We also had Aussie flag tattoos!~The food was well mostly received though people weren't so keen on the straight rum - not sure why!! (Some did ask how we can like it - I think I said, don't be stupid I'd never drink it straight, and I don't drink it much anyway!).

Aussie stall with Austrian stall behind. Yep it was alphabetical.

The Austrians also had a good set up - flaming Mozarts! Mozart balls (which are awesome anyway), cut in half, hollowed out a little and filled with some kind of alcohol and set on fire. You have to pop it in your mouth and shut it quickly before it gets too hot and so the fire goes out!! It was good!!

Another favourite of mine (although maybe biased) was Sweden - they made you sing a drinking song in Swedish and then drink something, but they also had yummy Kaviar past, and Bils - little car lollies which I'd had before.


Jac said...

Hehe sounds like a lot of fun! You guys sure did look well equipped although straight bundy...blergh. Drinkable if mixed with bundaberg ginger beer tho - what's it called - dark and stormy?

CupKate said...

Yeah - not something I'd choose to drink! But we were well equipped - I took 100s and 1000s and tim tams... some of the things were inspired from your Australia day party Jac! Some of the other countries were well prepared too... but the home-made looking alcohol in plastic bottles that the Czech republic peaple had was more than I was prepared to try!

Big A said...

There didn't seem to be too much problem with alcohol in Tunisia. They make some good wines. But we struck a couple of restaurants that didn't serve any booze. Friendly enough, all the same. The Czecho stuff sounds a bit risky!

kat said...

I had no idea that fairy bread was such an aussie thing until coming over to the UK. I made some for my workmates once and they seemed to prefer the version with nutella :)

Great posts on Tunisia, Kate.
When I was there with some girlfriends last November, I went on a wine tour and had a chance to sample quite a few local wines. The Lemon Liquor we tasted was otherwise known as rocket fuel, but the aftertaste was brilliant.