Sunday, October 12

Another Adventure!

It has come to another one of those weeks when I am like my little profile says - I am a student but I try not to only study. (Perhaps it should really say, that I am a student and occasionally I try to study.)

Anyway I'm off to Flinders Island this afternoon for a week. I'm going with a couple of other medical students, but not actually as part of my course. We are visiting the school and the ag show, Cape Barren Island and probably the health centre. It will be fun to see some of the place, see some 'rural life/health' and, most likely to force myself to survive with limited telecommunications capabilities for a week!

Hopefully I'll have some good photos when I'm back, as well as being a week closer to the looming exams. If the weather stays as nice as it is in Launceston now, it'll be fantastic - although it may well be a bit cooler if is to be trusted. The only shame is that I'm not around to write a good blogpost for the Blog Action Day competition - with great prizes and for an even better cause!

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