Monday, February 5

puddling along

Holidays are still puddling along. They feel as though they are going quickly - suddenly its feburary. But then, I've done quite a bit in some ways. I had Aquatics last week - my annual sailing cap. That was great fun-I'd convinced a few camper aged friends to come along. In the week before camp we managed to recruit enough campers to bring it from 10 to 20 - which made the 14 leaders slightly less excessive. But we did have 4 babies under 3 to look after, plus we did all the cooking ourselves. We had it at a new sight as well, so that took some extra consideration - and then, it was excessivley windy most days so our usual days on the beach with sailing required reconsidering! We re-invented the timetable as we went - filling it with alternative activities such as Hastings pool, murder mysteries, softball on Australia day (grass was too long for planned 20-20 cricket!), sleep in followed by French toast and pancakes on the bbq, and plenty of general laid back chill time. Anyway, the usual crew of leaders were good fun to be with, as were teh mix of campers - some familiar to Anglican Camping, and other new faces. There were 4/5 player games of spit/speed (even more concentration required than the normal 2 player), mountain boards being towed behind a 4wd, surf kiyaking, sprint4mint sunday, and plenty more fun.

On the saturday, mid-camp, Mark and I drove back from Southport to Margate for the wedding of some friends of mine. It was lovely, although sort of odd to adjust from camp mind-frame to not and then back again later. The reception at Home Hill was very enjoyable - a good meal, and some amusing capers with our table.. but then you wouldn't want to have a boring set of photos from the disposable camera provided on the table.. and they'll know it was table 5! (Though they may not have needed to remember what the toilets looked like...)

Since then I've been back in the real word, catching up on sleep, organising tax stuff, reading Terry Pratchett books, watching movies, eating icecream and so on. As it happens, Mark and I broke up the day after camp, which may explain the extra girls afternoons, nights, movies, ice-cream etc... Mum and Katherine (aunt) took me out for lunch one day, I met up with Tahnee for the afternoon on friday, and she came around again on Sunday, stayed the night and came out for breakfast with mum and I today, and Ruth brought icecream on saturday. Although this (the breakup - or the icecream for that matter) wasn't my decision, Ruth has given me a tick of approval and says I'll be ok - and I agree. I was sad, and it is a shame because there seemed to be a lot of good things about us being together, however it seems it was not to be. We both want to keep being friends, although time will tell exactly what that looks like - but we'll manage. I'd want that, even if Hobart wasn't so small that with overlapping Christian and Med circles we are bound to see each other!

Meanwhile, life goes on. And I've read 'Light Fantastic', part of 'Mort', watched Anchorman, Napoleon Dynamite, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and The Break Up, I went to my cousins for dinner wednesday, out for lunch thursday, lunch and dinner friday (as well as to a gig with Attic Grooves and Miso), was at the sailing club on saturday, and at someone's house for lunch on sunday before going to Savoy baths... so I've been keeping busy!

And looking ahead, Tahnee and I want to go to Bicheno, and THIS looks fun:

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